Photo: Singer-songwriter YoYo Sham performing in Simple Life festival in Taichung in 2015. (Credit: Simple Life)

A Brief Talk About Taiwanese Contemporary Folk Music – From “Sing Our Own Songs” to “Do What We Love”

5 Significant Folk Musicians

Ara Kimbo
Chen Ming Chang
Lin Sheng Xiang
Panai Kusui
Cheer Chen

5 Classic Albums You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Out

Modern Chinese Ballads (1975)
Yang Kui – Mother Goose Gets Married (1993)
Ni-Wa-Wa (2000)
The Night March of the Chrysanthemums (2001)
Peripeteia (2005)

5 Illustrious Record Labels

Crystal Records
Wind Music
Taiwan Colors Music
Trees Music & Arts
A Good Day Records