Interview with Waa Wei(魏如萱)/The pixie who wishes to trample in the mud

Waa owns a unique and clean set of vocals along with a playful and eclectic personality. Other than being a singer, she is also Taiwanese radio station Hit FM’s DJ. We caught Waa at the press conference before England’s Glastonbury festival, and invited her to tell us more about her ideas and plans regarding her performance at the festival.


0 Industry talk with Meimeiwawa: Sharing Taiwan’s creativity with the world

Meimeiwawa is a multimedia which features creativity, innovation and feminine. They use bilingual approach to promote quality entertainment contents of Taiwan. With the help of internet and technology, their efforts on advancing the artistic success of Taiwan’s creative industries may reach a certain height before long, since they keep instill hard works into the promising company.

0 Indie Rock Band 1976 Kicks off 20th anniversary Tour

1976, a Taiwanese indie rock band with Britpop sound has already released more than ten works till now. Their album Outdated (不合時宜) once won them the Band of the Year in Golden Melody Award. 2016 is the band’s 20th anniversary, and they are going to celebrate the special year by having a tour in Taiwan.

0 Interview with FIRE EX.(滅火器)/Return to the Time when They Simply Make Music

In October, 2015, FIRE EX. announced that they’ll hold the only special concert of the year in Kaohsiung on Dec 18th and they also revealed the setbacks they’ve suffered in the past year, even thinking about dismissing the band. In an afternoon of November, we went to the company “Fire on Music(火氣音樂)” formed by FIRE EX. in September to talk with them about their feelings and experience along the way.

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