Interview with Waa Wei(魏如萱)/The pixie who wishes to trample in the mud

Waa owns a unique and clean set of vocals along with a playful and eclectic personality. Other than being a singer, she is also Taiwanese radio station Hit FM’s DJ. We caught Waa at the press conference before England’s Glastonbury festival, and invited her to tell us more about her ideas and plans regarding her performance at the festival.


0 Interview with G.U.T.S/Our mainstream is self-created

Previously depending on “I am Ayal Komod” to take home the Golden Melody Award, Chang Zhen Yue paired off with the Chinese music industry’s best Hip Hop rappers MC Hotdog, talented rap band MJ116, the three groups have come together to create an entirely new group “G.U.T.S”

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