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0 Bobby Chen’s Latest Duet Music Video is One to Remember

On October 29th, 2015, Bobby Chen held a birthday concert for his 57th birthday and also launched his new album “Do You Still Remember”, which records the stories you remember and those you have forgotten with music. And, the title track “Do You Still Remember” has PiA joining Chen.

0 With the “Complacent Spirit”, “OneTwoFree(自由發揮)” is releasing the album “Super Kiang(超Kiang)”on Oct 16th which includes the new and the selected songs

OneTwoFree can always get the spotlight whenever they release a new album. As five years have passed since OneTwoFree made their debut, they will release the “Super Kiang new songs + selection” on Oct 16th. “Kiang” is the new song they released most recently, with the name hinting that OneTwoFree is following the slang used by teenagers

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