Interview with Waa Wei(魏如萱)/The pixie who wishes to trample in the mud

Waa owns a unique and clean set of vocals along with a playful and eclectic personality. Other than being a singer, she is also Taiwanese radio station Hit FM’s DJ. We caught Waa at the press conference before England’s Glastonbury festival, and invited her to tell us more about her ideas and plans regarding her performance at the festival.


Int. Music Festival
0 SXSW 2017 Taiwan Artists: Miss Ko

Miss Ko managed to fluently mix English and Mandarin rapping together, and also broke the stereotype of people thinking Hip Hop is all about drinking, violence and sex. She comes from the Queens area and now she is the “Queen" of Mandarin rap music.

Int. Music Festival
0 Summer Sonic 2016 / HUSH: Master of Metaphor

HUSH is a singer-songwriter famous for his series of work about astronomy. The most famous song among is KEPLER sung by Yanzi-Sun. His works are filled with his own color and his voice is gentle and soft. This August, he is going to Japan to give his live performing in the Summer Sonic Fest.

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